Systron – quality is no coincidence

Systron is known for its high-end vertical seaming, CNC and water jet glass processing centres. Systron’s success story began in 2014 in Austria. A well-known Austrian glass processor was not satisfied with the vertical grinding lines on the market and commissioned two glass professionals to develop a machine for him that is more durable, faster, produces better glass quality and requires less maintenance than the competitor’s equipment. The systron was born.

It’s no wonder that both independent glass processors and large glass groups rely on systron’s innovative and patented solutions. The low operating costs, ease of maintenance, the best glass quality and consistently high production will quickly return the investment. Lines have already been sold to 15 countries.

Systron has developed its own systron TOOLS, which further improve the performance of systron glass processing machines. By using systron tools, you can significantly increase the feed rates and tool life with both float glass and laminated safety glass. 


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