Hegla – extensive expertise in glass finishing, automation and digitalization

Since its foundation, for more than 45 years, HEGLA’s operations have been characterized by offering services to customers on a partnership basis. As a result, HEGLA Group has grown into one of the world’s leading machine, software and service providers in the glass industry.

The main products are float glass and laminated glass cutting lines and their storage and logistics systems. In addition, HEGLA-HANIC software and HEGLA-boraident lasering and laser marking systems are the best in their field. The service business includes expert advice and comprehensive after-sales services.

Competent, fast and reliable maintenance and spare parts service gives you the necessary security for your deliveries. Downtimes are kept to a minimum and operating costs stay within the budget.

Experienced engineers, technicians and skilled workers are a constant guarantee of HEGLA’s high quality level.


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