Euroglas – the most environmentally friendly float glass manufacturer

Euroglas is part of the Swiss Glas Trösch Group, which is a family business. All our float factories are established with medium-sized partner companies in the glass industry, so we understand the medium-sized companies in the glass industry and treat you as an equal partner.

Our comprehensive product range includes float, coated, laminated and special glasses. The standard products in our extensive stock are available with a fast delivery time. For special products, we will find solutions together with you. Our reliable project management guarantees quick responses and on-schedule deliveries. 

Sustainable development and reliability have been guiding principles at Euroglas for generations. Local raw materials are used in float glass factories to shorten transport distances. Thanks to the patented glass cullet reuse system, the need for raw materials is minimized. 25% of the electricity used by float glass factories is recovery energy. The efficiently filtered particles and sulphur dioxide emissions from production are well below the statutory requirements. In addition, the furnaces are designed in-house, which has helped to ensure that float glass factories are the most efficient and environmentally friendly in the world.

Our goal is clear: we want to reconcile the environment and the economy in the best possible way and thus also protect future generations. This is also what our motto “Green for Generations” represents.

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